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When the time comes to buy a Door for your home, it’s worth taking time to make your decision. Doors play a important part in our lives. Whether it’s a Front, Back, uPVC, Patio, Bi-folding or Composite Door1st Glass UK have the perfect one!

With a large range of styles and glass designs, our doors are made to be perfect for every situation. Our uPVC & Composite Doors will make a great impression as the entrance to your home. While Patio, French & Bi-folding Doors will let more light in.

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Time To Replace Your Door?

With the recommended care, a quality Door lasts decades. There comes a time however, when replacing your Door makes more sense than repairing it. To decide if it’s time for a new Door at your home, ask yourself the following 4 Questions.

1. Hard To Open Or Close?

If your door is difficult to open and close, it may be time to replace it.  When you feel your door sticking in the winter and easy to open and close in the summer, that’s a sure sign of energy rushing out your door. In addition this could be a potential issue in case you need to escape your house in a emergency.

2. Moisture Between The Panes Of Glass?

Just like new windows, a lot of Doors with glass packages have double-paned glass. Over time with older Doors, the seal between those two panes will fail leading to moisture or mold between the panes of glass.

3. Placing Something Under Your Door To Keep Cold Draughts Out?

If this is the case, you get a B+ for effort. You can rest easy knowing at least you’ve identified the problem. But there is a better way to help to keep that energy inside of your home, and that’s with 1st Glass UK’s Energy Efficient Doors.

4. Is Your Door Weathered, Warped Or Cracked?

Doors can take a beating over their lifetime. They’re kicked, slammed & exposed to huge temperature changes. Many old Doors have expanded and contracted over so many winters and summers that they have cracks, are warped and are extremely weathered.

In conclusion, if you answered Yes to any of the above questions, it may be wise to consider a Door replacement. Don’t think about the problems that exist with your current Door. Above all think about the advantages to be gained from installing a new one.

uPVC Or Composite Door?

While a Composite Door is the more advanced option you can still choose to have a uPVC Doors installed. However if you can afford to folk out a little more we will always recommend selecting a Composite Door instead as they are more durable & secure as well as thermally efficient than uPVC doors.

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