Windows From 1st Glass UK

Windows made by 1st Glass UK use the latest energy saving glass sealed units which are filled with Argon gas. Our A-Rated Windows create maximum heat retention, minimum heat loss & lower energy bills. In addition it gives your house a face lift as well as adding value to it.

We manufacture our products in our own factory. We also provide sliding Sash Windows for those more older-styled homes. Sash have that ideal classic yet modern look.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee means we’ll promise to beat any genuine like-for-like quotation. Contact us for your free quote today!


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How Long Do Windows Last?

Even the best quality won’t last forever. They will usually last for a average time of 15 – 30 years. This depends on several factors such as how well they are maintained, the weather & the type of frame material you choose.

At 1st Glass UK we offer a 15 Year Guarantee on our products. We will replace faults for free during that time. However, when they are beyond repair you need to replace them sooner rather than later.

6 Signs You Need To Change

Replacing your Windows could improve your comfort, reduce your energy bills & add value to your home. However, do you know when it’s time to change your them?

Here are 6 Signs that you shouldn’t be putting it off any longer.

1. They Are Worn Out

Signs of Rot or Warping are big indicators that you need to replace them. If your double glazing Windows are failing you may notice condensation, water leaks, or cracks. You may also have difficulty keeping the right temperature in your house.

2. Energy Bills Are High

Old Windows can have a great impact on your home’s insulation. This can lead to you paying high energy bills. The more heat that is able to escape your home the more you will be using your central heating to compensate.

3. Difficult To Open and Close

This is one sure reason to replace your Windows because it could be a vital escape route in case of an Emergency! There are plenty of reasons why they have become impossible to open. Maybe the locking system is broke or it may have been painted shut.

4. Not Soundproof

Modern Windows are designed to reduce sound. This can help hugely if you live in noisy areas. If you can clearly hear noise from outside when you stand inside & their shut, this is probably an indicator that they are quite old. If you want to enjoy the peace and quiet, new is the way to go!

5. Too Draughty

The important thing to consider with draughty windows is that your energy bills to heat your home will be higher. Up to 25% more in some cases.

Drafts can often occur when the windows don’t close properly. If the locking system doesn’t work anymore it can be a potential security issue too.

6. Windows Are Leaking

If moisture gets between the glass you start getting a build-up of condensation. This usually occurs when the seals have gone or if the Windows haven’t been fitted properly.

Mist or moisture inside the glass can’t be resolved, it will simply sit there obstructing your view and blocking the sunlight. The best option is to simply replace them. Repairs can work out expensive if the seals on the others fail too.

What’s The Average Price of New Windows?

The average cost to replace your Windows will depend on many factors. The frame material & colour, type of glazing as well as the style.

uPVC Windows are generally the lowest cost option but this doesn’t mean they’re not the correct choice. High-quality uPVC frames are easy to manage. With an occasional wipe down you can keep them looking at their best.

However, poor quality uPVC Windows can warp over time.  So beware the cheapest you can find may not be the best long term for your home.

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